Wandering Wisely

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Traveling over spring break? Bring along the ultimate travel companion, FourSight, and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Wandering Wisely

By Annemarie Boss
  A few years ago, I backpacked through Southeast Asia with my best friend, Lauren. We started in Kuala Lumpur, and by time we parted ways in Ho Chi Minh City, we were in the throws of violent food poisoning and barely on speaking terms. I was exasperated that Lauren had no interest in decision making, and Lauren was stressed by my tendency to get an idea and spontaneously alter our plans. Our frustrations climaxed with a fuming argument on a public train over 35 Thai baht (roughly one U.S. dollar). Thankfully, we both see the humor in this now. These sorts of frustrations are all-too-common in travel. You embark on a much-anticipated trip with a friend or partner, then mid-way through realize you have very different perspectives on how to have a great trip. On discovering FourSight, I wondered if thinking preferences might be at the root of the challenge. So I sat down with friends of four different thinking preferences (a Clarifier, Ideator, Developer and Implementer) and asked them each… Read the full article.

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Upcoming Mindset Certification in Buffalo, NY

June 28-19, 2018 Dr. Gerard Puccio, FourSight Creator and Partner will be facilitating our next certification.
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The two-day certification will cover:

Leveraging people's preferences to enhance creative collaboration How to deliberately enhance your own personal creativity Evaluating how a group's profile impacts their approach to challenges and overall productivity Effective communication and problem solving when working with people who have other preferences