The Cognitive Profiles of Executive Leaders

N O V E M B E R   N E W S   2 0 1 9

The Cognitive Profiles of Executive Leaders

The FourSight database revealed a remarkable shift in cognitive profiles as leaders move up the organizational ladder. Watch the video


C E R T I F I C A T I O N   I N

FourSight Certification in Mindset
This 2-day course teaches you how to deliver the results of the FourSight Thinking Profile assessment to individuals and groups.

Certification is designed for trainers, educators, HR/OD specialists, and facilitators, who want to foster collaboration, innovation, and creative problem solving skills. Watch the video.

Certified Mindset Facilitators can...  

  • Help teams leverage cognitive diversity
  • Get special discounts on FourSight profiles
  • Promote themselves as  FourSight Certified 
  • Get free ongoing training at FourSight U webinars

C E R T I F I C A T I O N   I N

FourSight Certification in Toolset
Teach people tools to help them clarify, ideate, develop and implement. This 2-day course teaches you to facilitate a 1-day “Innovation Toolset” session, which gives participants a common language for innovative problem solving. 

Certification in Toolset is designed for facilitators already certified in Mindset.
Certified Toolset Facilitators can…

  • Teach innovative problem solving 
  • Access FourSight exclusive "Innovation Toolset" training materials
  • Teach a 1-day course on innovative problem solving

Certification in Mindset
Jan 29-30, 2020 — St. Petersburg, FL
March 16-17, 2020 — Evanston, IL
June 15-16, 2020 — Buffalo, NY

Certification in Toolset
Jan 29-30, 2020 — St. Petersburg, FL

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