Need a better strategy for strategic planning?

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Hanson Dodge put their faith in FourSight to revamp their strategic planning strategy. The outcomes were transformative.

Need a better strategy for strategic planning? FourSight to the rescue

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by Anna Lidstone

Ad agency president, Stacie Boney, knew she wanted to make a big improvement in her team’s approach to annual and quarterly strategic planning sessions.

Boney heads up Hanson Dodge, a full-service ad agency based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that serves clients like the Utah Office of Tourism, KEEN Utility and Stanley PMI.  The agency had been generating momentum, expanding business with current clients and earning new ones, and was poised for greater growth. Boney, however, knew there was room for improvement in their approach to strategic planning. “Our meetings were not ineffective, we would get to a plan, ultimately,” she said. “But they were static, we felt like we struggled to stay truly engaged and inspired, and I went looking for new outside help .”

Looking for a better way, she asked around to industry colleagues. Someone mentioned FourSight... Read the full article

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