Let's Talk Turkey

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Let's Talk Turkey
This Thursday it's Thanksgiving in the USA. People come together for a feast of community and gratitude. Now that you understand about FourSight preferences, learn to bring everyone's best thinking to the table. Follow the recipe below for a collaborative holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from FourSight!
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Mindset Certification

Discover a tool to help you unleash the problem solving power of individuals, teams and organizations. This 2-day certification will teach you how to run a high impact 2-hour workshop, using the FourSight Thinking Profile assessment to help individuals, groups and teams discover their unique problem solving styles and learn practical ways to contribute more effectively to innovation and growth. Learn more. 2019 Mindset Certifications: Jan 24-25 | St. Petersburg, Florida April 10-14 | CREA conference, Italy June 17-18 | Buffalo, New York July 8-9, 2019 | Paris, France

Toolset Certification*

This 2-day certification will teach you how to train tools to clarify, ideate, develop and implement. During the Toolset Certification, you will learn to train a 1-day course that helps participants move past their innate thinking preferences and build skills that will help them clarify, ideate, develop and implement so they can perform and collaborate effectively at each stage of the creative process. Research shows that teams trained in both mindset and toolset are better equipped to deliver innovation. 2019 Toolset Certifications: January 24-25, 2019 | St. Petersburg, FL*Prerequisite: Mindset Certification
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FourSight is proud to sponsor the new creativity conference, EPIC, in its first year. We encourage you to check it out and come, Jan 10-13, whether to hear the remarkable lineup of speakers, or just to take a moment out of your busy life to pause and reboot your own creativity.