Can FourSight be used for hiring?

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A lot of people ask us if FourSight can be used for hiring. Here's our answer. 

Can FourSight be used for hiring?

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by Sarah Thurber

Recently a FourSight facilitator wrote in the following question: Can I use FourSight for hiring? —Harry

This is how Sarah Thurber, Managing Partner at FourSight, responded. 

Dear Harry,

Your simple request demands a thoughtful response. Research shows that jobs attract different FourSight profiles. You’ll find a lot of Clarifiers in finance, Ideators in advertising, Developers in engineering and Implementers in sales. So it’s natural to wonder if you could use FourSight as a hiring tool. It would simplify a complex process.

But hiring is complex because people are complex. Using FourSight as your primary tool to choose whom to hire would be like drafting a pro baseball player based on whether ...

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