3 innovation tools that also work for relationships

Creativity helps us everyday to solve problems, navigate tricky interpersonal dynamics, and follow through on our ideas in the workplace. And, if we are intentional, it can help us do the same in our personal lives. Here are three innovation tools that are especially apt for relationships.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is exactly what it sounds like: a way to map out your thoughts. It’s a great tool for coming up with ideas, like, "What should we do on our next date? ", or, "What to get my husband/wife/partner/significant other for Valentine’s Day?"  It's also useful for simply reflecting, such as on the defining characteristics of your relationship or your shared values. The picture above is an example of a Mind Map.

Phrase Challenges as Questions

In relationships, challenges crop up. Before they turn to chronic complaints, shift your perspective by framing the challenge as a question. Use the creativity tool “Phrase Challenges as Questions” to invite solutions. Watch this video to learn how.


Sometimes our partners suggest ideas that we think are, well, bad… But do we say this? No! A better approach is the POINt tool, which is designed to look at ideas critically but with a positive spin. 


Learn how POINt works with the FourSight Tool Cards deck. Mind Mapping, Phrase Challenges as Questions, and POINt are three of the 20 innovation tools included in the deck. These tools boost creative, critical, strategic and tactical thinking in individuals and groups. There are 5 tools to help you clarify, and 5 more each to help you ideate, develop and implement.